What to pack in your suitcase before go out for a trip

What to pack in your suitcase before go out for a trip

What to pack in your suitcase before go out for a trip

Summer is coming to an end. Why not take time to go on a trip?

Having a picnic or going to the beach are both good choices. Here are some tips on the package. All kinds of clothes are the traveling essential.

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When going outdoors in hot summer, the primary thing is sun protection, sunburning seems not a good thing. You can use chemical sunscreen every two hours or spray sunscreen sprays; Physical sunscreen is also essential. Wear long-sleeve tops and trousers, preferably wearing a hat. Is it not very pleasant to lie leisurely under the umbrella and have a cold drink? So, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and sprays in your toiletry bag.

In terms of dressing, due to the special cool characteristic of linen clothing, linen dress is very suitable for wearing in the hot summer. I think the cotton dress is also a good choice since the cotton material is soft and comfortable. Here is one tip for packing your clothes-roll your clothes to reduce space and folds.

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When deciding what colors you should pack, choose three to four matching colors. So you can create more looks. You should plan your outfits accordingly. Speaking of color matching, if you go to the countryside or park for a picnic, you can wear white, pink, stripes, floral clothes; if you go to the beach, you will look amazing in white, black, red, stripes clothes.

About shoes, casual sandals and slippers are commonly seen on the beach, while sneakers are more often worn when going picnic.

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You surely need a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Place it in the bottom of the suitcase and stuff the gap with smaller items like sunglasses.

Pack your luggage! Enjoy the wonderful summer!


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