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12 Beauty Tips For Women In Their 30’ s

12 Beauty Tips For Women In Their 30’ s

Saying goodbye to your fun-filled 20’s doesn’t mean you need to leave behind your youthful, carefree looks. You can easily retain your glowing complexion and energized the body by fine tuning your beauty and lifestyle routine. That means fewer nights sleeping with your makeup on and more time cleansing and grooming.

If you’re entering your 30’s you may have had or having babies. You 're likely to be working stressful jobs or managing a demanding household. Your skin may be showing signs of pigmentation and your body may be changing shape. With all that’ s going on in your life, it’ s a critical time to take care of you by looking after your skin and body more than before!

We’ve rounded-up the top 15 beauty tips for women in their 30’s to keep you feeling healthy, well-nourished and as youthful as ever!

  • Nourish Your Body:

Feed your body food that will make you feel energized and give you that glowing complexion. That means ditching the fast-food and getting your diet right for you. Fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables and quality protein, fat, and carbs. After all, you are what you eat.

  • Cleanse Your Skin Twice:

At night, cleanse your skin twice. First to remove makeup and then to remove the grime and pollutants you’ve picked up during the day.

  • Shape Your Brows:

As people get older, the skin between the brows and eyes can tend to look saggy. Shaping your eyebrows will provide definition and refine your facial features. Why not give the latest craze, feathering a go to achieve natural, beautiful brows?

  • Keep Hydrated:

Drinking water will help you replenish and hydrate your skin, and keep you energized throughout the day.

  • Protect Your Skin:

Wear a quality sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the UV rays. Too much exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation and promote the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Ditch The Juicer, Love Your Blender: 

Juices are often high in sugar and rob you of fiber. And while juice cleanses claim to do wonders for your skin and weight, they mess with your metabolism and rob you of nutrients. Instead, love your blender which will maintain all the fiber and goodness. Just watch how much sugary fruits you add!

  • De-stress Immediately:

Stress isn’t healthy for your mental or physical well-being. Find a way to de-stress immediately. That could be through meditation, exercise or embracing a hobby.

  • Look After Your Mind, Body, Soul:

Yoga is a great practice that will help look after your mind, body, and soul. Beauty often comes from within and when you have all three components balanced, you’re more likely to look and feel radiant.

  • Feel Good in Your Skin:

Got to 30 and still don’t feel good in your skin? Why not do something about it? Feeling good for you might be getting your weight under control, improving your fitness or enhancing your body shape through treatments such as liposuction.

  • Get Some Shut Eye:

A lack of sleep will make you feel and look un-refreshed and older than you really are. Achieve a solid 8 hours of quality sleep every night. No excuses!

  • Indulge Regularly:

Now by indulging, we don’t mean in wine and chocolate. We mean to indulge in restorative treatments that can help you feel more youthful and radiant. Go for a monthly massage or a facial. It’s not only going to help your skin, it will also nourish your mind!

  • Look After Yourself:

As you age, looking after yourself is more important than ever. This not only means staying healthy, it also means protecting yourself financially too. If you’re from the land down under, make sure you get the best health insurance in Australia as it can be one way to ensure you’re going to get the best health care in times of need and you won’t be left broke afterward!

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